Why You Must Experience Jatayu Nature Park At Least Once In Your Lifetime


Jatayu Nature Park is unique and special in many ways.
Jatayu Sculpture:



It holds the pride of having the world’s largest bird sculpture (200 ft long, 150 ft broad and 70 ft in height)of the Great Bird Jatayu, a museum, theatre and telescopic view deck inside the sculpture which is situated 1000 ft above sea level and offers the mesmerising views of the panoramic scenes around.

Passenger rope way:

Rope way the biggest of its kind in South India will be an experience for the traveler. The view en route is amazing and the gradual climb to over 1000 feet will be quite a unique fete to give it a definite try. The Pournami (full moon nights) at Jatayupara is altogether a different experience and will host artistically designed performances to flavour a wide cultural.


For anyone that desires to walk up to the Jatayu sculpture, a 1.5 kilo-meter long walkway is being constructed, strolling around the jungle paths and rocky terrain.

Jatayu Adventure park:



Jatayu Adventure park is set in a picturesque rock formation and  spans across 30 acres of land. The marvel of its 1000 ft high setting makes it a worthy escapade. The thrill and spree associated with the trekking delight makes it a dream destination .Tapping the true potential of the place ‘jatayupara’ offers you the excitement of feeling the adrenalin rush as you explore into the myriads of adventurous ventures that await you here.

Heli taxi:

Heli taxi service offers unique aerial view experience of Jatayu Nature Park, nearest tourist destinations and scenic locations.

Ayurvedic cave resorts:

cave resort
Jatayupara Tourism offers stay in the form of ancient caves; which will provide in house rejuvenation packages of Ayurveda and natural diets. The Caves will be extensions of existing ones and will include all modern amenities and state of the art facilities while Keeping up the ambience of the sacred culture.

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