Why You Must Experience Jatayu Nature Park At Least Once In Your Lifetime


Jatayu Nature Park touches the varied dimensions of art, epics, history, technology, siddha and adventure.It unveils the advent of new milestone in the history of Kerala tourism. The Jatayu sculpture stands as the symbol of gratitude towards the heroic deed of Jatayu who lost his life while protecting Sita in the epic Ramayana and has great relevance in the modern context also as it depicts the need of women safety.jatayu-nature-park-kerala
Jatayupara holds the pride of having the world’s largest bird sculpture (200 ft long, 150 ft broad and 70 ft in height)of the Great Bird Jatayu, a museum, theatre and telescopic view deck inside the sculpture which is situated 1000 ft above sea level and offers the mesmerising views of the panoramic scenes around.

Story of Jatayu:

In Ramayana, When Ravana was abducting Sita away to Lanka in his flying chariot, Jatayu, the wise old king of vultures, was resting in the forest. Hearing Sita’s helpless screams, Jatayu flew to Ravana’s chariot.
Jatayu was a great devotee of Rama. He could not keep quiet at the
plight of Sita, although the wise bird knew that he was no match for the mighty Ravana. But he was not afraid of Ravana’s strength even though he knew that he would get killed by obstructing the path of Ravana. Jatayu decided to save Sita from the clutches of Ravana at any cost. He stopped Ravana and ordered him to leave Sita, but Ravana threatened to kill him he interfered. Chanting Rama’s name, Jatayu attacked Ravana with his sharp claws and hooked beak.
His sharp nails and the beak tore flesh from the body of Ravana. Ravana took out his diamond-studded arrow and fired at Jatayu’s wings. As the arrow hit, the frail wing tore off and fell, but the brave bird continued fighting. With his other wing he bruised Ravana’s face and tried to pull Sita from the chariot. The fight went on for quite some time. Soon, Jatayu was bleeding from the wounds all over his body.
Finally, Ravana took out one huge arrow and shot Jatayu’s other wing as well. As it hit, the bird fell on the ground, bruised and battered.
Jatayu wanted to meet Rama in his last moments before he died and tell him about Sita. So, even while he was dying, he went on repeating the name of Rama.

Jatayu Nature Park echoes out the magical touch and the awe-inspiring art direction of Shri Rajiv Anchal, who conceived and crafted out the thread from the epic and found new meaning to the place, thus transforming the barren land to unfurl into one of the greatest innovative realizations. ‘Jatayu Nature Park’ thus is the modern interpretation of a place that evolves from history ,derives into it the aspects of the heritage, essence of nature, the divinity of pilgrimage,the fun and frolic of adventure, the technological extravaganza andthe eco-friendly elements to weave out a place that truly defines the artistic panache of Shri Rajiv anchal. Mr. Anchal, chairman, Jatayupara Tourism Pvt. Ltd., said the park would “set a new milestone and will elevate the experience of travellers to Kerala.” The park will support local communities and undertake projects such as rainwater harvesting and renewable energy. The park is just remarkable, unique and special in many ways.

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