Amazing Auli : A magnificent ski destination in the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand

Auli Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and Auli is one of the most beautiful places in all of Uttarakhand. Auli is known for its enthralling  ski resorts and natural surroundings. Encircled by snow-covered peaks of the great Himalayas, this hilly land boasts captivating scenes of oak-fringed slopes and intriguing dense coniferous forests. At an average altitude of 2800 meters, this is one of the few world class ski resorts in India. Other than these snow-white miracles, the way through the slopes provide wonderful views of stunning apple orchards and fine deodar trees making for a perfect day.

auli-1Auli was lesser known ski destination than Shimla, Gulmarg or Manali. It was only in the recent time, after
the creation of new state Uttarakhand carved out from Uttar Pradesh, Auli was marketed as a tourist destination. The state is called “Devbhumi” which means “Land of the Gods” as there are important pilgrimage destination in this state mainly the ‘Char Dham’ (Gangotri-Yamunotri-Kedarnath-Badrinath). Auli lies on the way to Badrinath.
Auli proffers a credible past that dates back to the 8th century. It is believed that this pretty locale is blessed with the sacred visit of Sankaracharya. As a toddler in the tourism arena, Auli proffers an unspoiled ambiance. The harsh frosty storms, the sylvan peaks and the long stretch of snowy valleys would make idyllic surroundings for a skier. Aptly called as the haven for skiing activities, this hilly resort is turned to be the only tourist destination where skiing is the most sought after past time.The erstwhile training ground of the Indo-Tibetan Police Force, Auli has gained the status of a popular hill resort within a short span of time. The sheer inclines of Auli are a hot spot of courageous men who dare to explore the demanding environs.


Auli Resorts

The snowcapped mountain ranges, the screech of the winds and the entertaining skiing, Auli is bestowed with all that is enough to thrill the onlookers. The nature at its full bloom gives a feeling of an awe inspiring time, which cannot be wiped out from our wildest dreams.

Some of the Amazing places to be visited in Auli: 

  • Trishul Peak : The grand Trishul Peak is 23,490 feet tall and is a marvel amongst the ski-friendly ranges of Auli. (Trishul Peak stands at an elevation of 23,490 ft and is counted among the ski-friendly ranges of Auli. It is situated in Kumaon in the state of Uttarakhand near the district of Bageshwar. The Trishul Mountains form the south-east corner of the ring of peaks encircling the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. It is named after the trident of Lord Shiva (Hindu God). Initially, Trishul and other peaks were used as the training area for the ski-equipped patrolling officers of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force. At the bottom of the slopes of the peak lies a lake, named the Roopkund. It is also known as the Mystery Lake because of the discovery of around 600 skeletal remains of humans and horses here. The Trishul Mountains can be viewed from Kausani and Bedini Bugyal.)
  • Winter Ski Resort : Auli offers the best snow laden slopes for skiing. Skiing is like an international experience at this place.auli1
  • Nanda Devi National Park : Situated at a distance of about 41 kms from Auli, the Nanda Devi National park has abundant flora and fauna. The maximum limit in a week is four groups of visitors.
  • Auli Artificial Lake : is one of the world’s highest man made lake. This lake was developed by the government in view of creating artificial snow on the new ski slopes at the time of low snow fall. Water from the lake is used to feed the snow guns stationed along the ski slopes. It assists in providing an apt skiing surface to help extend the ski season.
    Gurso Bugyal : is located 3 kmaway from Auli, at an elevation of 3,056 m above sea level. During spring season, it transforms into a land carpeted by green pastures. The land is surrounded by forest of conifers and oak. By ropeway, tourists can reach Joshimath that is 1.5 km away from its last tower. As accommodation facilities are not available at the site, tourists can visit the place during the day and return back to Auli by night. Travellers can also head towards Chattarkund, which is 1 km away from Gurso Bugyal. Chattarkund is famous for its sweet water and is located in the centre of a dense forest.
  • Bhavishya Badri : that can be reached by travelling a distance of 3 km by foot from Tapovan is situated in the centre of a dense forest. The place stands at an elevation of 2,744 m and is one of the five badri shrines. Other badri shrines are Badrinath, Yog Dhyan Badri, Adi Badri and Vridha Badri. It is believed that in future the shrine of Badrinath will become inaccessible because of the harsh climate. Name of the place is corroboration to the belief that it will be worshipped as the shrine of Badrinath in the future. At the place, tourists can explore the famous lion headed image of Narasimha present in a temple. Lord Vishnu reincarnated as Narasimha in order to save Prahlad who was a great worshipper of the lord. To reach Bhavishya Badri, travellers need to trek a path beyond Tapovan that also connects with Dhauliganga River.
  • Chenab Lake : is located in the Dang Village, which is the last village of Joshimath. Travellers need to walk through an unpaved path, in order to reach this beautiful lake.
  • Saildhar Tapovan : located 15 km from Auli, is a small village on the Joshimath Road. It is famous among the travellers for a temple and a natural hot water spring.Tourists can also visit a hot water fountain that is located 3 km away from Saildhar Tapovan in Saildhar. The water of this fountain is almost at the boiling point.
  • Vanshinarayan Kalpeshwar : is located 12 km from Joshimath and 10 km from Helang Village. Prominent attraction of this beautiful valley is a cave named Kalpeshwar.Travellers can also visit Vanshinarayan that is 10 km away from Vanshinarayan Kalpeshwar.
  • Chattarkund : is situated 1 km away from Gurso Bugyal, close to Auli. Surrounded by a dense forest, the lake holds sweet water.

Auli is a purely adventure hotspot where passionate brave-hearts come for fun and frolic with snow all around. But hardly anybody goes for shopping in Auli. In fact there are not much for shopping in Auli.In the snowy wilderness of Auli you would find neither artisans nor shops to sell artefacts. 

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